Looking for barrel smoking wood chunks, chips & pellets?

Get Barrel smoking wood chunks, chips & pellets at! If you’re wondering where all of Midwest Barrel Co.’s barrel BBQ smoking wood chunks, chips and pellets are now sold, then head on over to! That’s where we are now offering our 100% authentic bourbon, wine and bourbon barrel-aged...

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Norm’s On 48th bourbon barrel BBQ pork butt

A key part of any grill master’s claim to fame is consistently serving up delicious barbecue that gets mouths watering and keeps everyone coming back for more. Here is a Bourbon Barrel Chunk Smoked Pork Butt recipe from Norm’s on 48th in Lincoln, Nebraska that will do just that. The...

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Badass Smoked Deviled Eggs

Who says you can only smoke meat? We’ve got a kick-ass recipe for Badass Smoked Deviled Eggs from Instagram user Matt Roach (@greatbalance) that features our Apple Brandy Barrel Smoking Wood Chunks. These chunks, which are also available as wood chips, will add layers of complex flavor to just about...

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