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Midwest Barrel Co. is your one-stop shop for all things barrels. From California wine country, to the heart of bourbon in Kentucky, we source the BEST barrels in all categories of bourbon, whiskey, wine and specialty barrels.

International shipping starts for quantities as few as 8 barrels.

International Shipping Made Easy

You don’t want to order your barrels from a partner you don’t trust. We take the risk out of the deal. While we can’t make the ships sail faster, we can promise we will send you the freshest, most recently dumped, barrels in all of North America.

Container Shipping

For the best price per barrel, we recommend shipping by container. A small container (6.06m) holds up to 75 full-size (53 gallon) bourbon barrels. A large container (12.2m) holds up to 210 full-size bourbon barrels.

Door to Door

Prefer we handle everything from start to finish? No problem. When you select door to door: We handle shipping to the port. We pay duties and taxes. We coordinate delivery from port to final destination. You sit back and know your barrels are in good hands.

Door to Port

Most international partners prefer to ship barrels to the nearest port (EXW) and then handle getting the container from port to the final destination. When shipping EXW, the customer is responsible for customs fees, duties/taxes and any delivery fees from the port to final destination.


Time for the super technical fine print. Import/export rules and regulations are different for every country. We remove the stress of figuring out this part. Midwest Barrel Co. handles all of the governmental work necessary to import oak barrels to your country. This includes: Phytosanitary Certificate, Certificate of Origin, etc.

New to barrel-aging?

Luckily we’re not.

In the U.S., a brewery with a successful barrel-aging program expects their customers to be lined up around the block for every big release.

Adding a barrel-aging program will not only help you level up your craft beverages, but it will also earn you loyal customers who take pride in your brand and skills.


Because barrels can be complicated, we have a team of brewers, bourbon aficionados, craft beer lovers, bbq masters and DIYers ready to share their expertise and know-how with you.


We keep things simple & speedy - order online or talk to a human. It’s up to you.


We have exclusive partnerships & products (hello Willett barrels) that equal trust, access and consistency.


We humanize the education experience by being your all-access barrel consultants.

Serving 30+ Countries

"Midwest Barrel is our go-to supplier of barrels for our organic rum distillery in Paraguay, South America. Ben has always provided impeccable service. He is always available to answer questions and help on orders. They arrange seamless freight and delivery to our port, which is a huge help! Great organization, quality barrels. International clients can buy with confidence."

David Schroeder, Fairly Traded Organics



He’s Barrel Ben. The guy that started it all. As a viticulturist, Ben appreciates the distinct ingredients needed to craft a fine beverage. He’s our international and wholesale barrel guy, and not only is he in the know about what’s on the market, but he can sniff out a good deal from a thousand miles away (literally).

Your Wine & Bourbon Barrel Experts

Midwest Barrel Co. takes quality seriously

Founded in 2015 by Ben Loseke, a grape and wine expert, we focus on setting our beverage producers up for success by standing behind our product - every time. While Ben would hate to know we’re bragging up his credentials - we think it’s kinda important here. Dr. Loseke holds a Ph.D in viticulture (grape growing) and takes the science seriously. What does that mean for you? Our wine barrels are properly treated (steamed, ozoned and gassed) and our bourbon and whiskey barrels are FRESH and leak-free.

He knows the science behind what makes a good barrel turn out a great beverage - everything from micro-oxidation to the nasty little bugs that might derail your project. And for the stuff that he isn’t an expert in? He hires the right people. That’s why we have in-house brewers on our team ready to answer your questions and help you craft some great beverages.