BBQ Recipe: Bourbon & Brown Sugar-Glazed Chicken

We get pretty excited when happy customers send us grilling and smoking BBQ recipes that they've tried at home while using our barrel smoking wood! This one's from Todd Mercer and it's a real treat! Bourbon and Brown Sugar-Glazed Chicken with our Red Wine Barrel Smoking Wood Chips that come...

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The grillmaster's guide to bourbon barrel BBQ smoking wood

You might have heard us say around here that smoking meat isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Of course, you know this. You’re a grillmaster who’s always finding time to perfect your favorite smoked BBQ meat and food recipes – or even develop your own secret recipe that everyone in...

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Looking for barrel smoking wood chunks, chips & pellets?

Get Barrel smoking wood chunks, chips & pellets at! If you’re wondering where all of Midwest Barrel Co.’s barrel BBQ smoking wood chunks, chips and pellets are now sold, then head on over to! That’s where we are now offering our 100% authentic bourbon, wine and bourbon barrel-aged...

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