A Mac laptop with barrelsmokingwood.com open in a web browser with a bag of Bourbon Barrel Smoking Wood Chunks next to chunks that are smoking

Looking for barrel smoking wood chunks, chips & pellets?

screenshots of the Midwest Barrel Co. website barrelsmokingwood.com Get Barrel smoking wood chunks, chips & pellets at barrelsmokingwood.com!

If you’re wondering where all of Midwest Barrel Co.’s barrel BBQ smoking wood chunks, chips and pellets are now sold, then head on over to barrelsmokingwood.com! That’s where we are now offering our 100% authentic bourbon, wine and bourbon barrel-aged stout smoking wood – plus all of our specialty flavors.

You may be wondering… why the new website? Good question! Back when we began dreaming up the website, we wanted a dedicated destination where all of our BBQ fans and grillmasters could go to load up on smoking wood for their next backyard BBQ. It’s an easier shopping experience for the products you’ve come to expect!

Wait, did you say “pellets”?

You heard us right! We released our Bourbon Barrel Smoking Pellets shortly after launching barrelsmokingwood.com. Pellet grills are now some of the easiest and most popular ways to smoke meat and other foods and now all of you pellet grill owners out there can get in on the bourbon barrel smoking wood party!

As with our bourbon barrel smoking wood chips and chunks, our pellets are made from 100% American white oak bourbon barrels that we retired from their barrel-aging life. You’ll get the same authenticity from our pellets as our other bourbon barrel wood types.

Plus, unlike some of the other popular barrel wood pellets available, we never blend! Our pellets are made from 100% authentic bourbon barrel wood,

Attention retailers!

On top of our new online store for customers, we’ve also added a brand new, exclusive wholesale store, which makes buying in bulk online for resale even easier.

Apply today if you’re interested in offering our barrel smoking wood to your customers! Once your application is approved, you will have access to the separate store with wholesale prices on our core smoking wood styles, including bourbon, barrel-aged stout, wine and others.