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Brand Ambassador & Affiliate Program

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We’re glad you asked.

Become one of the first Midwest Barrel Co. ambassadors and join us in co-creating some damn good barrel content. Whether you're smokin' meat or craftin’ your best DIY projects, if you’re ready to show your audience how they can live the barrel lifestyle, we’d love to hear from you.

who we’re looking for

Are you an influencer with a social following of 5,000+?

Do you own an online or brick and mortar store and would like to offer barrel goods?

Are you well connected in the craft beer community and looking for an affiliate partnership?

Are you an organization looking for a one-time donation for a nonprofit event?
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Support Our Mission

At Midwest Barrel Co. we believe in creating memorable experiences that are better for our people, planet and beverages by providing one thing: damn good barrels.

Be In The Know

As we receive limited release barrels and prepare to roll out exciting new products, you’ll be one of the first to hear about it. As one of our ambassadors, we’ll also ask YOU for candid feedback on what we could be doing better to partner with you and serve our community. Whether that’s co-branded products or special release events, we’re all ears.

Get Featured

We’d love to share your content on our website and social platforms - and give you credit for it, too! As we grow together, we want to help you be able to increase your reach, engagement and following.

What’s In It For You?

Be One of the First As We Grow

Our brand ambassador program is just getting started. That means our earliest ambassadors will be working alongside us on the ground floor, helping us build up the program and define what it means to live the barrel lifestyle.

Interested In Working With Us?

Become a brand ambassador or affiliate partner

We want to work with homebrewers, grill masters and DIY wizards who appreciate how a damn good barrel makes a difference in their projects. Become a brand ambassador or affiliate partner and you will receive barrel perks and earn cash, too. Complete this form to apply.