Why sustainability matters for barrels and barrel-aging

Midwest Barrel Co. co-owners Ben and Jess Loseke Imagine for a moment what a world without barrels would look like. No more aged whiskey, wine, rum and other spirits that rely on oak barrels for their signature flavor character and brown color. We would no longer have barrel-aged beer, either....

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MWBC ending online engraving orders March 31

A note to engraving customers:   Effective March 31, 2022, Midwest Barrel Co. will no longer be selling our engraved barrel products (or other engraved items) on our website, Amazon or Etsy. The core of our business has always been selling full size and small format barrels to beverage producers....

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Let's talk barrel prices

A lot has changed since Midwest Barrel Co. first began slinging used barrels in 2015.  We’ve grown from a single storage shed to an office building and warehouse here in Lincoln. Our team has expanded from Barrel Ben’s one-man show to a team of more than 15! However, while MWBC...

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MWBC will be closed December 24 to January 2

  Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays… Which is why Midwest Barrel Co. will be closed December 24 through January 2. Our hardworking team absolutely rocked it this year slinging barrels, so we thought we’d give them extra time for rocking around the Christmas tree! But don’t...

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