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Choose from any number of retired barrels to bring your next Pinterest project, Etsy idea, or creative whim to life! These wine, whiskey and bourbon barrels may be out of the brewing game, but they’re here to take your DIY’s to the next level.


Whiskey/Bourbon Barrels

Many of these retired whiskey and bourbon barrels were last used to age beer. They are more rustic and distressed looking than wine barrels. We offer two varieties: The Grade A are in better condition, while the Grade B have lived a full life, usually aging whiskey for 4+ years followed by beer for 2+ years. Expect these barrels to be  worn and contain residual material as they are not cleaned after use. Over time, these barrels will continue to dry out, and as such, we do not guarantee them to be leak free. If the bands begin to loosen or even fall, you can reswell the barrel by filling it with water and letting it sit for a short time. The bands will then retighten. No two barrels are alike!

Wine Barrels

These are retired barrels that come straight from the heart of wine country in California. They work perfect for DIY projects, wedding decor, furniture and decorations. Packed with character, expect some wear and imperfections as each barrel is unique.  

While these barrels are retired from aging beverages and not guaranteed as leak free, they work great for home décor or for use a rain barrel. If you order 2 or more wine barrels we will send matching dimensions unless otherwise requested.  


59 / 60 gallon – wine; 53 gallon – whiskey

Oak Type:

French, American, Hungarian


California (Napa Valley, Sonoma, etc.) for wine; KY and TN for whiskey

Our Care:

These barrels are sold as-is. No alterations have been made to the barrel after we receive it. These are not sold as leak-free. 

Your Care:

As your barrel ages it will continue to dry out and the bands/heads will loosen over time. It is recommended to periodically fill your barrel with water to swell it up or use screws to attach the bands to the barrel to prevent them from falling off.

Barrel Filling:




Bung Type/Size:

2” bung hole, use #11 bungs (needed for rain barrel only)

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