Midwest Barrel Co.’s Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Midwest Barrel Co.’s Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Midwest Barrel Company Holiday Gift Guide 2022 for Christmas with barrel mug, engraved stave and whiskey barrel stave bottle opener pics

Need a gift idea for the upcoming holiday? We have you covered. There really is something for everyone in our Holiday Gift Guide for 2022, so take a seat and have a peek at what we will have available this Christmas and holiday season.

Whether you’re shopping for a father or brother (our pick: barrel smoking wood), a sister or mother (engraved barrel staves are pretty special) or just need something fun for your BFF (a barrel stave wine caddy or barrel mug, perhaps), you’re in the right place. We’ve got enough options that you are sure to cross a few people off your gift shopping list.

So, let’s not waste any time and get right to the guide! 

Or you can shop holiday gifts now.

Best Barrel Gifts of 2022

We might specialize in selling used bourbon and wine barrels to craft breweries and other beverage producers, but it’s our company’s vision to make barrels accessible to anyone and everyone.

If you search Instagram and similar social media platforms for any kind of rustic, farmhouse or modern farmhouse design inspiration, then you are sure to find plenty of amazing barrel pics. Barrel decor is popular. It’s been around for a long time and something tells us it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

We are constantly trying to come up with new, beautiful and useful barrel items that can be bought and gifted to anyone who appreciates any of these popular design themes and styles. 

Here are our top picks for gifts in 2022! Keep scrolling to see or start shopping our holiday gift collection now.

Grill & Kitchen

Barrel smoking wood - $17.99-$61.99 (Free Shipping)

Bags of Bourbon Barrel Smoking Wood Pellets, Chips and Chunks on a red and black checkered blanket with pine needle branches, pine cones, snow and other Christmas themed decorations around the bags

There’s a reason our barrel smoking wood gets rave reviews like this one. It’s 100% authentic oak from used bourbon barrels and other types of barrels, including wine barrels, bourbon barrel-aged stout beer barrels, apple brandy barrels and others. You can smell the authenticity as soon as you open the bag and take a whiff! Unlike other brands, we use fresh barrels and never blend with other wood as filler.

We have smoking wood that will fit every smoker or grill, too: 

With each style, you will get long-lasting burns, excellent smoke volume and flavor, plus additional notes reminiscent of the beverage that the barrel soaked up and aged.

These are the perfect gifts for every BBQ grillmaster!

Barrel mugs - $39.99 ($49.99 engraved)

Man's hand holding an engraved barrel mug

Here’s a go-to for many of our customers who need something unique, but not something that will just sit on a shelf gathering dust. Barrel mugs are perfect for anyone who likes to enjoy their favorite cold beer or other drink from fun glassware! 

These mugs are made from American white oak and have a removable, easy-to-clean stainless steel insert.

On top of that, you can personalize your barrel mugs with logos, your last name or even with one of our customizable groomsmen designs. All mug designs are created in-house, as is the actual laser engraving.

Barrel stave bottle openers - $29.99 ($39.95 engraved)

Whiskey barrel stave bottle opener with bottles of beer and an small oak aging barrel nearby

Have a whiskey and craft beer fan that you’re shopping for this year? Look no further than our barrel stave bottle opener.

These bottle openers are handcrafted by a member of our barrel crew using authentic oak staves from a retired whiskey or bourbon barrel. Don’t worry about any mess, either. These openers have been sanded, finished and sealed. You get the genuine appearance without the worry of charr coming off the stave.

Perhaps the best part of these openers is the magnet that’s been embedded in the wood. It’s a great place to store spent bottle caps. 

Need an engraved bottle opener? We have two options: custom logo and monogram.

Whiskey barrel stave knife block - $84.99

Now, if you think that bottle opener is pretty neat (whiskey pun intended), then you will really enjoy this engravable whiskey barrel wood knife block! We can engrave the block with your last name or a short word that captures the environment of your home kitchen.

They are made from authentic bourbon/whiskey barrel wood. Strong rare earth magnets can hold small- to medium-sized knives in place. You can also hang the knife blocks up on a wall.

Wine bottle & glass holder - $39.99

A glass of red wine being poured with a wine barrel stave caddy holding a bottle and two empty wine glasses

Turn a wine bottle and a couple of wine glasses into a beautiful centerpiece for any table this holiday season with this wine bottle and glass holder, which is made from authentic red wine barrels. With this wine caddy, you’ll never have to go far to pour a delicious glass of wine for you and your holiday guests.

Each holder is made from a genuine red wine barrel – the side that faces down is even stained a beautiful red from the time spent aging wine.

Home Decor

Wine barrel ornaments - $9.99-$11.99

Wine barrel stave ornament hanging on a Christmas tree with Ho Ho Ho and reindeer design on ornament

They’re back for another year! Engraved wine barrel stave ornaments are quick stocking stuffers or commemorative gifts to close loved ones – even yourself. Designed and engraved by our graphic artists, these ornaments are made from genuine California red wine barrel staves. 

Please note that all ornaments that include the year in the engraving will be updated for 2022. 

Wine barrel ornament themes include the following:


Engraved wine/whiskey barrel staves - $54.95-$64.95

Person unwrapping a desk plate theme engraved whiskey barrel stave gifted as a present under the tree

Each of our engraved barrel staves are cut from authentic used red wine barrels and used bourbon or whiskey barrels (your choice!) – and they’re bestsellers every holiday season!  Use them as home decor hung up on a wall or on a desk or shelf.

The stave collections have a wide range, so there really is a gift for everyone here. Collections include:

Barrel House Candles - $19.99

Know somebody who’s a candle person? You know the type. They love having a special scent fill the room, or just love having an entire collection of candles for every occasion. We have stocked up on our top selling candles, Whiskey Neat and Char #3. 

  • Whiskey Neat candle scents: Vanilla, white tonic beans and Vermont maple syrup
  • Char #3 candle scents: Bonfire, wood, pine, bergamot, sandalwood and white flowers

Barrel planters - $69.99

A wine barrel planter with flowers placed outside by a wood fence

Barrels look great inside, but they can really be in their element outdoors. For the gardeners and landscapers, our wine barrel and whiskey barrel planters are fantastic ways to add character to a garden or other landscape feature in their yard. 

Both barrel planter styles are completely authentic. The delightful aromas prove it! You will also notice the red stains on the inside of the wine barrel planters and the charred, black interiors of the whiskey barrel planters. The smells and inside color may fade, but the added pop they bring to a yard, deck or patio will only get better with age – much like the spirit or wine they aged as complete barrels. 

And if you’re into growing vegetables? These planters are an excellent option for a raised bed.

Ready to go big?

Some of you may be in search of the perfect present that is going to make the recipient truly say, “Wow!” For that, we have larger laser-engraved items that are designed and engraved by our talented in-house artists. 

Trust us, “wow” and “whoa” are both very likely reactions.

Engraved small format barrels - $74.95-$159.95

An engraved small liter oak barrel with mountains engraved on the head and pinecones and evergreen decor around the barrel

As far as custom engraved barrels go, our small format options are some of the most popular. They’re available in 1, 2 and 3 liter sizes. These are all brand new and made just like full size barrels with American white oak. 

The 1 to 3 liter barrels can easily fit on a kitchen or bar countertop for displaying. The liter sized barrels come with a stand and spigot, too! But the best part about these barrels is that they can be filled with a favorite whiskey, bourbon, wine, beer or other type of beverage to age. We have also had many customers tell us that they used them to mix and barrel-age cocktails.

No matter what you age in the barrel, the results will be similar to how a beer or other beverage ages in a traditional, full-size barrel. The longer you let the beverage age, the more oaky it will become. That’s why we say it’s always best to take samples on a weekly basis. Doesn’t sound like too hard of a job to us!

Engraved barrel heads  - $259

Engraved whiskey barrel head hanging on a wood panel wall with R Bourbon design

Now, if you’re looking for more of a decor piece, then an engraved barrel head is your starting point. They are available in wine or whiskey barrel styles and can be hung on a wall by adding a standard wall-hanging kit. They will immediately become a focal point for any decoration setup.

These are also great pieces for an office space or other business looking to have custom logo signage that stands out. But one of the most popular ways the heads are use is as wedding guestbooks that can be signed and then put on display in the happy couple’s home. 

There are also collections for:

Full-size engraved barrels - $249-$374

Full size whiskey barrel engraved with Support the Craft and state of Nebraska outline on the barrel head

But if you really want to go big and make a gift out of a true statement piece, it may make sense to go with a full size engraved barrel. Like with other gifts, you simply pick out a wine or whiskey barrel, send us your personalization notes and our artists get to work crafting what will certainly become a favorite gift.

We can engrave full size barrels not only on the heads, but also on the sides, which can add even more space for creativity and personalization. These engraved barrels really are the ultimate barrel gift!

Cross a few names off your list

If something in this year’s guide caught your eye, then consider bookmarking this blog post or this link to all our holiday gifts so you can browse for yourself. You can also share this handy MWBC gift guide with any friends and family who may be interested in browsing. 

As always, we’d love to hear from you and answer any questions! Just contact us.