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Why you should buy furniture/decor barrels in bulk

By Midwest Barrel Co.

August 30th, 2022

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Some of our favorite DIY projects are whiskey barrel and wine barrel furniture pieces. There are so many creative ways people have found to turn used wine barrels and used whiskey barrels into beautiful furniture pieces – and even fun wall decorations or other art and accent pieces for their favorite room in the house.

But before you can create that chair, end table, shelf or other piece of wine or whiskey barrel furniture, you have to overcome the main challenge of barrel shopping.

Shipping costs.

The price of shipping used oak barrels can be surprising, to say the least. To be honest, it’s often the most common reason somebody might opt out of their furniture barrel purchase. Others make the trip to our warehouse in Lincoln for free pickup, which is always an option.

Buying in bulk saves money

However, if traveling to our shop isn’t something you’re able to do, then here’s a helpful tip:

Buy furniture/decor barrels in bulk.

You see, when you buy our decor or furniture grade barrels in bulk, the cost per item actually goes down. For example, if you buy one Grade A Furniture/Decor Grade Barrel and elect to ship with UPS, it’s going to cost you more than the price of the barrel itself. You are likely looking at about $300 total.

Now, when you start adding multiple barrels to your order, we can ship them via one of our freight providers. The LTL option very quickly begins to be cheaper, most cost-efficient overall once you add even a second barrel to your order.

The best part? The more barrels you add to your order, the less you will pay in total per item.

Everybody wins!

When you buy furniture/decor barrels in bulk, it really is a win-win situation. We don’t have to pay shipping providers as much to deliver the barrels and that savings gets passed onto you in the form of a lower shipping cost.

Like we said, win-win! Keep that in mind the next time you shop for an upcoming barrel decor project.

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