Whiskey Barrel Stave Candle Holder + Candle Set

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Our authentic whiskey barrel stave candle holders were made to hold one of our carefully crafted Barrel House Candles, which come in five different pleasant aroma varieties. 

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Place your candle holder with one of our candles on anywhere in your home to add a touch of rustic or farmhouse style decor. The holder is made from a whiskey barrel stave and includes authentic, rusted rings that have been reattached to the holder. 

The holder fits all of our candles, which come in a standard rocks glass that can be cleaned out and reused as a glass after use. Please check dimensions to make sure other candles will fit.

Candle scent descriptions:

Bierhaus: Capturing the best of the ‘fest, our Bierhaus scent combines malt liquor loveliness with strawberry and apple for a warm and intoxicating effect. 

Char #3: This candle captures the essence of those cool and crisp nights gathered around the fire with your friends and family by mixing pine, bergamot, sandalwood and white flowers for a unique yet ultimately familiar scent.

Kentucky Tobacco: This scent combines apricot lemon, warm cardamom, sugared orchid and cuban tobacco for a warm and inviting sensory experience. 

Vintage Leather: Basil leaves, tonic beans, patchouli, amber stones and leather musk swirl together to form this warm (and worn) scent.

Whiskey Neat: Whiskey Neat will be your best pour yet. This candle carries a strong chilled whiskey and vanilla scent, with notes of white tonic beans and Vermont maple syrup.


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Stave Dimensionsapprx. 10" x 3-4"
Holder Dimensions3 1/8"
Candle Dimensions3"