Engraved wine barrel head with H Hoffman in the center bordered by a circle and ornate designs on the sides and George & Karen above and Est. October 26, 2019 on bottom of design
Engraved barrel head with Gustin Est. 2018 wine glass and ornate designs hanging on a wall
Family Name Collection engraved whiskey and wine barrel options
Graphic showing differences between wine and whiskey barrel heads for engraving
Option 1 H Hoffman design in the center of a circle with ornate designs around the family name and George & Karen above the name and Est. October 26, 2019 on the bottom
Option 2 H Hillman Est. January 28, 2010 design
Option 3 Gustin with wine glass and Est. 2010 design
Option 4 B in the center surrounded by leafy branch border and Behrens above and August 28, 2020
Option 5 with The Gillets in the center of a circle and Brent & Bree above the name, Est. 8.7.10 under the name and Mia Maddox Riley names at the bottom
Option No. 6 with W in the center and floral design on each side and The Williams Family underneath the initial


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Barrel Head Type:Wine Barrel Head NO markings
Design Option:Design #1

Your family name is more than just a few letters thrown together — it’s a representation of love, joy and memories made through the decades. So show off that familial pride with a custom wine or whiskey barrel head engraved with the name that means so much to so many! Choose between our design options, tell us your name, and then let us do the rest for you. Your family name will live on through your descendants — but also through this personalized barrel head.

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Wine Barrel Head NO markings / Design #1

Louisville, KY

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Originally handcrafted by a master cooper using the finest American, Hungarian or French Oak, each barrel is unique and packs plenty of character. Because barrel building is a custom process done by hand, no two barrels will ever be the same. The featured selections are not exact representations of the barrel you will receive as each denotes one-of-a-kind coloration, wood grain and engraving finish. Wine barrels WITH marks will come with a winery stamp, cooperage markings or possibly both! We try and select barrels with the flattest heads from our constantly rotating inventory. For barrels being used as a table top, the wine styles typically work best as they are generally more flat than the whiskey styles.

To produce the head style, the top of the barrel is cut off. The wine style includes two galvanized bands while the whiskey displays one rustic ring. All rings are attached to the barrel head with screws. Because the whiskey style is more variable, a 2×4” board is attached to the back for reinforcement. Wine barrel heads do not include the board.

  • Genuine Reclaimed California Wine Barrels
  • Authentic Retired Kentucky Bourbon Barrels
  • No two barrels ever the same

How to Order

1. Pick your barrel head style! Choose from whiskey OR wine with cooperage/winery markings OR wine with no markings/stamps. 

2. Select your design. Choose from over 100+ options created by our in-house designers. 

3. Place your order! 

4. After we receive your order, we will prepare a proof for your approval. Proofs are sent via email within 2 business days. 

5. Once approved, your engraved goods will begin production and typically ship within 7-10 business days.


Written approval is required for all full size barrels and barrel heads.




Weight20-25 lbs.
Wood TypeAmerican, French, Hungarian Oak
Age of Barrels10+ Years


Weight20-25 lbs.
OriginKentucky & Tennessee
Wood TypeAmerican Oak
Age of Barrels5+ Years