Head of a Penelope High Rye Bourbon barrel with a head bung
Side of a Penelope High Rye Bourbon Barrel with other barrels stacked on pallets in the background
Head and side of a Penelope Bourbon Barrel with a head bung

Penelope High Rye Bourbon Barrel - Fresh Dumped, Once Used

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Penelope Bourbon is a blend of three different mash bills that aged in barrels 3-4 years. These barrels aged a high rye bourbon with more spice notes.

Important: Barrels have head bungs.

Penelope Bourbon is a four-grain straight bourbon whiskey that is blended using three mash bills – corn, wheated and rye. Each mash bill was aged separately in oak barrels for 3-4 years before being blended and bottled.

These freshly emptied, once used Penelope Bourbon barrels aged a high rye bourbon that has more spice and a bit of a bite. That rye can draw out many sought after flavors in your barrel-aged beer, cider, wine or other beverage.

Important: Barrels have head bungs.


Volume53 gallons
Age of Barrels3-4 years
OriginNew Jersey
Wood TypeAmerican White Oak
Char/Toast LevelHeavy
Bung Hole LocationHead
Weight120 lbs
Bung Hole Size2 in.
Bung Recommendation#11