Neutral White Chardonnay Wine Barrel (70 GALLON)

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These 70 Gallon Neutral White Chardonnay Wine Barrels smell absolutely amazing! They last vintaged Chardonnay and will add layers of complexity to any beverage you age in them. At 70 gallons, these barrels are larger than the standard wine barrel 59-60 gallon sizes.
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As neutral white wine barrels that last vintaged Chardonnay, these 70-gallon barrels smell absolutely amazing. They are sure to add layers of complexity to any beer, wine, cider or other beverage you decide to age in them. These barrels are neutral, which means they have little to no oak flavor remaining, but impart wine flavors on your beverage.

Important notes: These 70-gallon barrels are larger than the standard wine barrel sizes of 59-60 gallons. The pictures on this page are a general representation of a neutral wine barrel. The markings on the heads, the style of the barrels (Bordeaux or Burgundy) vary. Please ask about other varietals that may be available. 

All wine barrels have been inspected for quality, washed, ozoned and gassed. Each barrel is backed by the MWBC guarantee. They are Brett and VA free and are leak free after proper swelling.

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