View of head of a neutral red wine barrel with cooperage markings
Neutral Red Wine Barrel
Neutral Red Wine Barrel on rack

Neutral Red Wine Barrel

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Inspected for quality and backed by our barrel guarantee, these neutral red wine barrels previously contained Cabernet. Our neutral wine barrels are great for those looking for a more subtle flavor profile in their beverage, adding hints of oak and wine. Inquire for other varieties.

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Neutral Red Wine Barrel

Louisville, KY

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Many of the neutral red wine barrels we receive contained Cabernet. Now, they’re ready to be filled with beer, wine, cider or other beverages. Contact us to inquire about other barrel varieties. These barrels are neutral, which means they have little to no oak flavor remaining, but impart wine flavors on your beverage. 

Important notes: The pictures on this page are a general representation of a neutral red wine barrel. The markings on the heads, the style of the barrels (Bordeaux or Burgundy) vary. Please ask about other varietals that may be available. 

All wine barrels have been inspected for quality, washed, ozoned and gassed. Each barrel is backed by the MWBC guarantee. They are Brett and VA free and are leak free after proper swelling.


Volume59/60 gallons
Age of Barrels5-10 years
Wood TypeAmerican, French, Hungarian oak
Char/Toast LevelMedium toast
Bung Hole LocationBelly
Weight120 lbs
Dimensions26x26x37 / 28x28x35
Bung Hole Size2 in.
Bung Recommendation#11