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Grade A Furniture/Decor Whiskey Barrels are retired barrels that have aged bourbon or whiskey and are no longer refillable. Their authentic and rustic look make them great for DIY projects and decor.

Please note that some barrels may have cracks, gashes and other imperfections. Grade A barrels will have no more than 4 cracks.

Save on total cost per barrel (after shipping and taxes) when you buy in bulk. 

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These retired barrels have been used a minimum of 2+ years for aging bourbon or whiskey from world class distilleries such as Heaven Hill, Wild Turkey, Willett, Jack Daniels, Rabbit Hole and Four Roses. Some may have aged stout beers, too. No two barrels are alike and each boasts plenty of character.

While we don’t recommend barrel-aging beer or other beverages with furniture/decor barrels, they make for great DIY projects, decor, furniture, rain barrels and more. The only limit is your imagination.

Important notes: Our Grade A barrels are higher quality than Grade B Furniture/Decor Whiskey Barrels. They have belly bungs only, not top bungs like many of the Grade B barrels. Because these barrels are authentic, you can expect distillery markings, flat heads and residual material on the inside of the barrel. We do not clean these barrels. 

Grade A barrels will have no more than 4 cracks.

Every barrel is unique with its own character and qualities. Images shown are not representative of the exact barrel you will receive, as our inventory is constantly rotating. Barrels will have markings, but each distillery differs in how they stamp and mark their barrels.

Save money when you buy in bulk: Total cost per barrel, after shipping and taxes are applied in the cart, is lower when you buy in bulk. This is because we can ship barrels more efficiently on pallets.


A single full-size barrel is shipped via UPS.


Orders of 3+ furniture grade barrels will be shipped via a motor freight provider.

Barrels can be shipped up to 4 barrels per pallet and 8 barrels per skid (two pallets high).


Local pickup is available from our Louisville (Fairdale), Kentucky location.

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53 Gallons

Age of Barrels

2+ years


Kentucky & Tennessee

Wood Type

American white oak

Char/Toast Level


Bung Hole Location



120 lbs



Bung Hole Size
2 in.
Bung Hole Recommendation