Bourbon Barrel BBQ Smoking Wood Pellets

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Made from 100% authentic bourbon barrel wood, these wood pellets offer mouthwatering aromas and flavors when smoking BBQ meats and other smoked foods.
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Our Bourbon Barrel BBQ Smoking Wood Pellets are made using only 100% authentic American White Oak from freshly emptied bourbon barrels. No blends here!

The result? A depth and complexity of flavor no other brand can match when you fire up the pellet grill to smoke your favorite meats and other smoked foods. 

The pellets work when used in both pellet grills and traditional grills and smokers.

How To:

Pellet Grills

  • Pour the pellets into the hopper and fill to the top.
  • Following your grill or smoker’s instructions, start and bring to the desired temperature.
  • Place your food on the grill and cook until brought to temperature.

Traditional Grills & Smokers

  • Start your grill or smoker, bringing it to the desired temperature. 
  • Fill a smoker box, smoker tube or an aluminum foil pouch with pellets. Don’t overfill as this will affect airflow. Place above the heat source. Make sure pellets become hot enough to smoke. 
  • Once the pellets begin to smoke, place food on the grill and cover. 
  • Check often to make sure pellets are smoking and not flaming.


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Wood sourceAmerican White Oak from used bourbon barrels
Weight20 lbs