View from above of head of 30 gallon FEW Spirits Rye Whiskey barrel with distillery markings, labeling and a blue stain around the inside edge of the head
30 gallon FEW Spirits Rye Whiskey barrel with shiny steel bands and slightly stained staves
30 gallon FEW Spirits Rye Whiskey barrel on a rack with larger barrels stacked on pallets in the background

30 Gallon FEW Spirits Rye Whiskey Barrel - Fresh Dumped, Once Used

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At 30 gallons, these Straight Rye Whiskey barrels from Few Spirits in Evanston, Illinois, offer excellent opportunities for small batch or limited release barrel-aged beer, cider or wine! The barrels are freshly emptied and ready to fill.

Few Spirits puts a generous amount of rye into its Straight Rye Whiskey, which is paired with sweetness from corn for a “genteel interpretation” of rye whiskey. These 30 gallon, oak barrels were air-dried before taking their sweet time aging the spicy spirit. 

Now, these barrels are ready to age whatever barrel-aged release you’ve got planned next! 


Volume30 gallons
Age of Barrels4+ years
OriginEvanston, Illinois
Wood TypeAmerican Oak
Char/Toast LevelHeavy
Bung Hole LocationBelly
Weight70 lbs
Bung Hole Size2 in
Bung Recommendation#11