30 Gallon Catoctin Creek Old Tom Gin Barrel (Ex-Rye, Ex-Pear Brandy) - Fresh Dumped

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Discover these distinctive 30-gallon barrels, previously used to age Catoctin Creek Watershed Gin, uniquely finished in Pearousia pear brandy barrels. These barrels, carrying the essence of rye-based gin with a complex botanical mix, are further enriched by the sweet, fruity notes of pear brandy. The final gin product was enhanced with 10% sugar, adding a subtle sweetness to the barrels. Ideal for those seeking to impart a nuanced blend of botanical, fruity, and sweet characteristics into their spirits or crafts.
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Introducing our 30-gallon barrels, once the home of Catoctin Creek Watershed Gin®, distinctively aged in Pearousia pear brandy barrels. These barrels began their journey cradling a unique gin distilled from rye, infused with a secret recipe of herbs and spices. The gin's complex profile features subtle citrus, cinnamon, and the crispness of juniper, layered with the earthy tones of fresh cut hay.

The aging process in Pearousia pear brandy barrels added an exquisite layer of fruity sweetness, enriching the gin with the essence of ripe pears. This unique finish was further enhanced by bottling the gin with a 10% sugar addition, infusing the barrels with a delicate sweetness that complements the botanical and spicy notes.

These barrels are a treasure trove for distillers, brewers, and artisans alike. Ideal for aging spirits, beers, or wines, they offer a rare opportunity to imbue your creations with a complex, multi-layered flavor profile. The interplay of botanical gin notes, the sweetness of pear brandy, and the hint of sugar, make these barrels an exceptional choice for crafting beverages with a distinctive character or for use in unique woodworking and furniture projects.

Embrace the opportunity to infuse your next project with the nuanced and sophisticated flavors of these barrels.


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Volume30 Gallon
Age of Barrels2+ years
Wood TypeAmerican white oak
Char/Toast LevelMedium
Bung Hole LocationBelly
Weight70 lbs
Bung Hole Size2"
Bung Recommendation#11