Head of a red wine puncheon 500 liter barrel

Red Wine Puncheon Barrel (500 Liter)

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These 70 Gallon Red Wine Puncheons last vintaged Pinot Noir. The barrels are bursting with amazing aromas and will add complex flavors to any beverage aged in them.

As former red wine barrels that last vintaged Pinor Noir, these 70 Gallon Red Wine Puncheons are bursting with amazing aromas. They will add depth and complex flavors to any beer, cider, spirit or other beverage you age in them.

All wine barrels are washed, steamed, ozoned and gassed. They are guaranteed to be Brett and VA-free. We suggest swelling wine barrels with hot water prior to filling.

Important note: As a 70 gallon barrel (puncheon), these barrels are larger than standard 59/60 gallon wine barrels.


Volume500 Liter
Age of Barrels5-10 years
Wood TypeAmerican, French, Hungarian Oak
Char/Toast LevelMedium Toast
Bung Hole LocationBelly
Weight300 lbs
Bung Hole Size2 inch
Bung Recommendation#11