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“Support the Craft” campaign raises money for craft brewery employees

Midwest Barrel Co.

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In March 2020 the pandemic hit, effectively shutting down the entire world overnight. Before there were stimulus checks and government funding, some of our favorite businesses found themselves wondering how they were going to survive the unknown. 

The Midwest Barrel Co. team knew we couldn't sit silently but needed to act fast for fear that the craft brewing industry might be forever affected. 

In a matter of days, the team had a website up and running to help raise money for displaced workers in the Nebraska craft beer industry. Midwest Barrel Co. sold t-shirts, tumblers, and of course, barrel products to help raise money for those workers who had been furloughed or laid off. Additionally, the team matched every donation dollar for dollar. 

Red t-shirt with "Support the Craft" and state of Nebraska on frontRed "Support the Craft" coffee tumbler next to other tumblers.



Owner Jess Loseke said:

"The pandemic has all left us living in a state of unknown. If we can help a couple of people make ends meet as things get sorted out then we want to do everything we can.

The craft beer industry is vital to the Nebraska economy and we want to keep it strong and thriving long into the future. Doing nothing was never an option. I am proud of our team and know this fundraiser is something we will all look back on and know we did a little bit of good in 2020.

For more details on the Support the Craft campaign, watch this feature on 1011 News.


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