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Ben joins Nebraska Beer:30 podcast to talk about how Midwest Barrel Co. began and how the business has grown

Midwest Barrel Co.

Ben Loseke, co-owner of Midwest Barrel Co., joins host Grady McGuire for a recording of the Nebraska Beer:30 podcast. Left: Grady McGuire, Right: Ben Loseke

Just a couple of guys talking barrels, beer and barrel-aged beer (obviously). That’s the gist behind an episode of the Nebraska Beer:30 podcast featuring Midwest Barrel Co. Co-Owner Ben Loseke.

Barrel Ben shares the story of our company’s humble beginnings as his hobby and how we became a leading barrel provider nationwide and internationally. This podcast episode originally aired in October 2019, so our company has grown even more since then!

You can watch a video of the podcast below or find Nebraska Beer:30 Episode #40 wherever you listen to podcasts.

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