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Jess & MWBC featured on SEAchange's "The Stream of Conscience Podcast"

By Midwest Barrel Co.

October 6th, 2022

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Selling used bourbon barrels and wine barrels is what we do at Midwest Barrel Co., but the “why” and “how” behind our business runs deeper.

Midwest Barrel Co.’s mission to be a catalyst in creating memorable experiences that are better for our people, planet and beverages by providing one thing: damn good barrels. Co-owner Jess Loseke was invited to be a guest on SEAchange’s The Stream of Conscience Podcast to expand on our mission, our values and the “why” behind MWBC.

“This is about a legacy for my kids and my kids’ kids, and it's not related to the business. But I don't want our legacy to be associated with anything other than really intentionally trying to do good. It doesn't mean that we're always going to hit the mark every single time, but as a leader, if I lead in such a way that my intention is to do good, more times than not, you're going to end up hitting that mark. And I'd rather err on the side of leaving the planet in a better place than what we found it.” 

- Jess Loseke, Midwest Barrel Co. Co-Owner

Jess touched on many topics, including our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. Through this partnership, we donate a portion of proceeds from each barrel sold and replant trees and rejuvenate the natural resource relied upon by our industry.

Listen to the full episode online or wherever you listen to podcasts!

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