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Can I varnish my small oak liter aging barrel?

A small oak aging liter barrel on a stand. It’s a question we answer more often than you think: What will happen if I varnish my small oak liter aging barrel before filling it with whiskey or another type of spirit to age? The answer to that question varies based...

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How to remove barrel char

Let’s not beat around the bush here. While we love the authentic, rustic nature of used whiskey and bourbon barrels, they can be a bit messy.  One of the primary culprits of this mess is the char on the inside of the barrel. Open one up and you’ll see what...

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How to Break Down a Whiskey or Wine Barrel

The number of DIY projects you can tackle with a reclaimed, white oak barrel is practically limitless. Staves, heads and rings are perfect when crafting one-of-a-kind furniture and decor. But what’s the best way to go about taking the barrel apart so you can actually use those parts? You could...

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How to extend the life of your barrel

Nobody wants a home decor barrel that looks like it’s about to fall apart. Luckily, barrels are fairly sturdy and can hold up against outdoor conditions for quite some time.  But – and there’s always a but, right? – everything has a lifespan.  Barrels are held together only with pressure....

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