holiday themed graphics, including ornaments, bells, candy canes and wreath greenery with Midwest Barrel Co. circle logo and text Holiday Gift Guide

MWBC's Holiday Barrel Gift Guide 2021

Holiday themed graphics with pictures of a barrel mug, engraved barrel stave and a whiskey barrel stave bottle openerMidwest Barrel Co. has a holiday gift idea for everyone on your list!

Let’s be honest: coming up with the best gift ideas seems to get harder and harder every year. It can be a challenge to buy holiday gifts for your friends, family and other people in your life that are both meaningful and distinctive.

But getting creative and crafting gifts with meaning is what we do best here. From beautifully laser engraved whiskey and barrels to our line of Barrel House Candles – and plenty of other barrel gift ideas in between – we’ve got a little bit of something for everyone. 

Navigating all those choices can be stressful, though, especially this time of year when everyone’s crunched for time and Christmas is getting closer and closer. That’s why we’ve put together this barrel gift guide to help you find something for everyone this year.

Top gifts for 2021

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When a craft beer brewer or winemaker calls us up and asks for recommendations on the best barrel for their barrel-aged beverages, we’re always ready to walk them through what we’ve got on hand.

So, this season, we’re taking that approach to gift giving. If you’re not sure what to snag for a present, or just want to know what we recommend this year, then you can’t go wrong with one of these popular choices!

1. Barrel mugs - $34.99 ($49.99 with engraving)

Hand holding wood barrel mug engraved with text It's time to drink beer and relax next to two beer mug drawings

Let’s start with this holiday favorite. Barrel mugs are a fun and unique gift! They’re perfect gifts for anyone who enjoys having different types of drink containers that they can fill with their favorite frosty cold beverages. Heck, they’re even pretty neat when put on display in a kitchen, dining room or bar area.

Plus, you can personalize our barrel mugs with logos, your last name or even with one of our customizable groomsmen designs

Whether you engrave them or not, these mugs are handmade out of American white oak – just like an actual wine or whiskey aging barrel.

2. Engraved wine/whiskey barrel staves - $54.95

Man unwrapping an engraved whiskey barrel stave desk plate with name and title engraved into the wood

Our engraved barrel staves – all made from authentic used whiskey or wine barrels (your choice!) – have been a holiday staple since we first started offering them! They’re great for home decor, as they can be easily hung up or placed on a shelf or mantel. 

We’re pretty keen on the state collection, a fun way to show off your Midwest – or other regional – roots, as well as the always popular name plate for desks or offices.

3. Barrel stave bottle openers - $24.99 ($39.95 with engraving)

Whiskey barrel stave bottle opener with beer bottles, pine cones and oak aging barrel in background

There’s something to be said about popping off the cap of a bottle of beer with a stylish opener that’s also rugged and rustic. Of course, it earns bonus points for authenticity!

Our whiskey stave bottle opener checks off all of those requirements. It’s hand cut from a genuine whiskey barrel, then sanded and finished by a member of our team. We also embedded a magnet in the stave so you’ve got somewhere to put bottle caps.

Want to add a personalized touch? We can engrave a custom logo or monogram onto the opener!

4. Whiskey barrel knife blocks - $67.99 (Sale)

Three large knifes on whiskey barrel stave with last name Smith engraved on one end and pine tree branches and pine cones nearby

Now, if you think that bottle opener is pretty neat (whiskey pun intended), then we think you’re really gonna like this engravable whiskey barrel wood knife block

These are made from authentic bourbon/whiskey barrel wood. They use strong rare earth magnets to secure average-sized knives in place. The block can be easily hung on a wall, too.

And, of course, you can have a name added to the block to add a nice, personalized touch. 

Gifts Under $50

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There are a ton of other awesome barrel gift ideas aside from the three above, though. We’ve got something for everyone, including all you bargain hunters out there. ‘Tis the season of deals, right?

If you’re looking for gifts under $50, then no worries, we’ve got you covered. Two of those ideas that we’ve already featured – the whiskey barrel stave bottle opener and barrel mug – are priced under $50, but there are a whole lot more!

1. BBQ smoking wood - $11.99-$44.99

Different varieties of BBQ smoking wood chunks made out of authentic used barrels

Last but not least, we’ve got our barrel BBQ smoking wood, sure to be a hit with any grillmaster! Available in both chunks and chips, this smoking wood comes from real barrels, including bourbon, red wine, apple brandy, maple syrup, hot sauce and more. 

Each variety is packed with the flavors and aromas of the spirit aged in the original barrels. They work with most smokers and grills.

2. Wine barrel ornaments - $9.99-$11.99

Wine barrel ornament hanging on a Christmas tree with engraved text Ho Ho Ho and drawing of a reindeer

Funny, festive and heartwarming – there’s an engraved wine barrel ornament for everyone! Favorites include our 2021 collection that commemorates the year that was and the Our First collection, great for anyone who had a big milestone in their life this year.

All of our ornaments are carefully handcrafted and laser engraved. The wood used for the ornaments comes from genuine used wine barrels out of California.

3. Single guitar hangar - $34.95

Whiskey barrel guitar stave hanger holding guitar on wall

This one’s for those about to rock – and who may also enjoy a good whiskey or bourbon. These guitar hangers are made out of authentic staves from whiskey barrels. It’s a fun way to put your love of music and a good drink on display at the same time – or to just add a rustic flair to any man cave, jam session space or recording studio.

4. Wine bottle & glass holder - $39.99

Glass of red wine being poured next to an unopened bottle and two glasses being held in a wine barrel stave holder

Turn a wine bottle and a couple of wine glasses into a beautiful centerpiece for any table this holiday season with this wine bottle and glass holder, which is made from authentic red wine barrels. With this wine caddy, you’ll never have to go far to pour a delicious glass of wine for you and your holiday guests.

Each holder is made from a genuine stave – the side that faces down is even stained a beautiful red from the time spent aging wine.

5. Candles - $19.99

Char 3, vintage leather, Kentucky tobacco and whiskey neat candles with description cards set on top of a barrel

Not everyone’s a candle person, but trust us when we say that we have a candle scent for everyone. Inspired by the aromas of our craft (many of our warehouse visitors comment on the warm, whiskey smell), our Barrel House Candles are unique and encompass a wide range of scents.

Looking for a quick recommendation? Our most popular candles are Char #3, Vintage Leather and Whiskey Neat.

6. Barrel planters - $49

Wine barrel planter with flower and greenery arrangement next to fence and bushes

Got a wine or whiskey lover on your list who just so happens to also have a green thumb – or really, really enjoys making their yard look fantastic? Take a look at these half wine barrel or half bourbon/whiskey barrel planters.

Both are authentic barrels that have been cut in half. You’ll notice the red stains on the interior (and sometimes exterior) of the wine planters and charred interiors of the whiskey/bourbon planters.

Both options offer up a rustic look for any garden, deck, patio or yard. Honestly, they’re quite beautiful with just the right flower arrangement – and they are also a great way to grow a vegetable or two raised up and off the ground.

Ultimate barrel gifts

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Now, if you’re looking to purchase a present for somebody that’s going to leave a lasting impression, then you’ve got to check out our options for personalized, engraved barrels. 

Our talented team of graphic artists and production crew can take anything from a completely customized image to one of our pre-made – yet still personalized – designs and laser engrave it onto just about any of our barrels. 

1. Small format barrels - $84.95-$169.95

Small liter oak aging barrel with engraving of mountains and words barrel aged on head with pine cones, pine tree branches and decor cars nearby

As far as custom engraved barrels go, our small format options are some of the most popular. They’re available in 1, 2, 3 and 5 liters, as well as 5 gallons. These are all brand new and made just like full size barrels with American white oak. 

The 1-5 liter sized barrels can easily fit on a kitchen or bar countertop for displaying. The liter sized barrels come with a stand and spigot, too! 

But the best part about these barrels is that they can be filled with a favorite whiskey, bourbon, wine, beer or other type of beverage to age. As the liquid rests in the barrel, it will age in a fashion similar to a full-size barrel. The longer you let the beverage age, the more oaky it will become. That’s why we say it’s always best to take samples on a weekly basis!

2. Engraved barrel heads  - $234-$259

Engraved barrel head with bourbon themed engraving hanging on wall with pine cones on wall

If you’re looking for something to use as home decor or hang on a wall anywhere, including in an office or business space, then you really can’t beat a personalized, laser engraved wine or whiskey barrel head

These heads are very popular when used as wedding guestbooks that can later be put on display or hung on a wall in the couple’s home.

3. Full-size engraved barrels - $259-$384

Engraved full size whiskey barrel on a rack with text Support the Craft and outline of state of Nebraska on the head

Sometimes, though, it just makes sense to go with a full size engraved barrel, especially when that’s the kind of decor you know the person on your gift list loves – or you know they’re a whiskey, bourbon or wine aficionado. 

And nothing makes a statement quite like a customized full-size barrel. These can be engraved on the heads and the sides, so there’s even more room for creativity. They really are the ultimate barrel gift!

Don’t let holiday shipping deadlines sneak up on you

While you’re shopping for the best barrel gifts, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. 

First, there’s a shipping crisis that all businesses are having to navigate. For you, the customer, that means there could be delays in shipping and it could take a little longer for deliveries to arrive this year. 

All the more reason to think ahead!

Second, you’ll want to be sure you get orders in sooner so we can meet shipping deadlines from all of our carriers. 

Like we said, these are some extra factors to consider when you are shopping this year.

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Hopefully you’ve found something that caught your eye as a perfect Christmas gift or holiday present! Bookmark this link to all our holiday gifts so you can browse for yourself or share with friends and family.

As always, we’d love to hear from you and answer any questions! Just contact us.