Commercial Barrel-Aging

Why Revolution Brewing looks to MWBC for barrels

Midwest Barrel Co.

Revolution Brewing logo with words Revolution Brewing repeating and forming a square around a clenched fist raising up a barley stalk with star design in background Located in Chicago, Illinois

We work with craft brewery barrel programs of every size and any experience level. From beginners to barrel-aging experts, we strive to help them all find the best barrels.

Revolution Brewing Company is definitely one of our partners who you could safely call experts at what they do with barrels. Midwest Barrel Co. is proud to have procured many barrels for their brews. 

Marty Scott, head of barrel-aging at Revolution, shares why the partnership has worked out so well.

“Over the past four years, we’ve seen a dramatic reduction in problematic leaks and lost ZERO barrels to infection. Coupled with their excellent service and selection, Midwest Barrel Co. should be the first place any barrel wrangler looks to start, grow or optimize their program.”

MWBC is proud to claim Revolution as a fan. Anyone who knows barrel-aging should know about their beers. We’re pretty big fans of those beers, though, so maybe we’re biased. 

But whether your brewery has been barrel-aging for years or is just now considering starting up a program, our team can hook you up with the best bourbon, whiskey, wine and other barrels. 

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