Commercial Barrel-Aging

Skinny Sticks Maple Syrup knows MWBC aims to please

Midwest Barrel Co.

Skinny Sticks' Pure Maple Syrup logo with text Handcrafted in Wisconsin and two skinny maple trees with no leaves Skinny Sticks' Maple Syrup was founded by US Army Veteran, Mitchell Hoyt,
with the generous support and help of his wife and daughters

Our team at Midwest Barrel Co. is always laser-focused on making sure our customers are happy with their purchases. 

Just ask the folks over at Skinny Sticks Maple Syrup. Mitch Hoyt and family shared this about their positive experience working with MWBC:

“Midwest Barrel will work to get you the barrels you need and follow up with you to make sure you are happy with your purchase.”

Skinny Sticks, located up in Wisconsin, knows how to make some damn good maple syrup, so it just makes sense that they’d partner with a barrel broker that promises Damn. Good. Barrels. for every customer. 

That’s why we’ve been thrilled to help provide them with Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels for their barrel-aged maple syrup. They took their 100% pure, non-blended maple syrup – which is always smooth and clean with a gentle finish – and aged it to create a full, rich flavor profile that maintains its smoothness.

You should try this stuff! We’ve even got some available for purchase in-person in our retail store.

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