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Oak & Bond shows how MWBC finds great barrels for everyone

By Midwest Barrel Co.

August 25th, 2021

Oak & Bond Coffee Co.

Oak & Bond Coffee Co. is in Charlotte, North Carolina

Not a craft brewery? No problem. Midwest Barrel Co. works hard to find top-notch barrels for every customer.

Take Oak & Bond Coffee Co., for example. They’ve taken a bit of an uncommon approach to coffee beans by aging them in a variety of barrels – including barrels that previously aged, bourbon, rye whiskey, Scotch whisky and even cabernet sauvignon wine. Once they’ve aged, Oak & Bond roasts the beans and gets them ready to ship to customers.

Oak & Bond has partnered with MWBC to source many of their barrels. Brian McCulloch, who started the coffee roasting company with his wife, shares why he’s found the partnership to be a great experience:

“Midwest Barrel offers great customer service and a great selection of freshly dumped barrels. “The customer service is top notch.”

Customer service is one of the key factors that separates Midwest Barrel Co. from the other brokers out there. We have in-house experts who know what to look for as far as high-quality barrels are concerned – even if what’s going in them isn’t a beer, spirit, wine or other beverage. 

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