Old Elk Bourbon Barrel With Head & Belly Bungs - Fresh Dumped, Once Used

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Old Elk Bourbon is a premium bourbon that uses four times more malted barley than traditional recipes, giving it sweeter, lighter notes that these barrels will transfer to your barrel-aged beverage.

Please note: This listing is forĀ Old Elk BourbonĀ barrels with head bungs plus belly bungs that we drilled at our warehouse. They can be stored horizontally on traditional barrel racks and are backed by our leak-free guarantee. If you want head bung-only barrels, please order from THIS LISTING.

Not all barrels have stamps.

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These barrels aged 5 Year Old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey, a premium bourbon that has lighter and sweeter flavor notes than many other bourbons. That's because Old Elk uses four times more malted barley than those traditional recipes. Add the softness of malted barley to the spiciness of rye and the richness of corn and you've got a bourbon with a robust taste profile.

Those flavors and aromas are now locked inside the staves of these barrels, just waiting to be imparted on any beer, cider, wine or other beverage you fill them with. The barrels are fresh-dumped, used only once and come to us straight from the distillery.

Tasting notes
Aroma: Sweet vanilla and caramel, clove spice, slight maple, and nutty almond
Taste: Maple syrup, almond, raw bran, chocolate, deep wood, and coconut

Please note: These were originally head bung (top fill) barrels. We have drilled a new bung hole into the side of each barrel for horizontal storage on traditional barrel racks. Watch our video to learn more about this process.

If you want head bung-only barrels, please order from THIS LISTING.

Not all barrels have stamps.


Fresh barrels will be shipped via a LTL motor freight provider. To ensure safety and freshness of your barrels, they are wrapped in plastic and strapped down to a pallet with a label identifying the pallet contents. 

Barrels can be shipped up to 4 barrels per pallet and 8 barrels per skid (two pallets high). 

Shipment transit times vary depending on location, weather and carrier capacity. For specific delivery dates, expedited shipping, preferred shipping carrier or unique delivery requests contact us directly to arrange your shipment prior to ordering. 

At checkout you will be asked to confirm your delivery location type. If you do not have a loading dock or forklift, a liftgate will be required. Offloads by hand are not available. 


Local pickup is available from our Lincoln, NE warehouse. 

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Volume53 gallons
Age of Barrels5 years
Wood TypeAmerican Oak
Char/Toast LevelHeavy
Bung Hole LocationsHead & Belly
Weight120 lbs
Bung Hole Size2.25 in.
Bung Recommendation#12