Head of a used 8 year Willett Bourbon barrel with distillery information and age statement stamped on the head
Side of a used 8 year Willett Bourbon Barrel with other barrels tacked on pallets in the background
A used 8 year Willett Bourbon barrel on its side on a barrel rack with distillery information stamped on its head and other barrels stacked on pallets in the background

8+ Year Willett Wheated Bourbon Barrel - Fresh Dumped, Once Used

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After aging Willett Wheated Bourbon for 8+ years, these premium choice, freshly emptied barrels offer sweet, complex flavors to an already popular profile.

These barrels are Midwest Barrel Co. exclusives and can’t be purchased anywhere else!

Willett Bourbon barrels are always a premium option. An additional 4+ years of aging, for 8+ years total, give these older Willett Wheated Bourbon barrels layers of depth and complexity on top of a flavor profile that makes Willett barrels favorites among brewers and other beverage agers. Sweeter notes are also present thanks to the higher wheat content.

Willett Distillery barrels, exclusive to Midwest Barrel Co., are always top-notch and highly sought after by some of the top barrel-agers in the business! They are known for consistently aging flavorful beers, wines, ciders, meads and other beverages. 

These barrels were sent to us from the distillery right after being dumped, so you know they are fresh!


Volume53 gallons
Age of Barrels8 years
Wood TypeAmerican white oak
Char/Toast LevelHeavy
Bung Hole LocationBelly
Weight120 lbs
Bung Hole Size2 in.
Bung Recommendation#11