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Ben joins Nebraska Beer:30 podcast to talk about how Midwest Barrel Co. began and how the business has grown

By Midwest Barrel Co.

May 27th, 2021

Image of Ben Loseke and Grady McGuire
Left: Grady McGuire, Right: Ben Loseke

Just a couple of guys talking barrels, beer and barrel-aged beer (obviously). That’s the gist behind an episode of the Nebraska Beer:30 podcast featuring Midwest Barrel Co. Co-Owner Ben Loseke.

Barrel Ben shares the story of our company’s humble beginnings as his hobby and how we became a leading barrel provider nationwide and internationally. This podcast episode originally aired in October 2019, so our company has grown even more since then!

You can listen to the podcast below or find Nebraska Beer:30 Episode #40 wherever you listen to podcasts:

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