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Midwest Barrel Co. featured in story about barrel brokers’ role in craft brewing, distilling industries

Midwest Barrel Co.

Midwest Barrel Co. Co-Owner Ben Loseke, aka Barrel Ben Ben Loseke, AKA Barrel Ben - Owner & CEO of Midwest Barrel Co.

Ever wonder how barrel brokers fit into the craft beer and distilled spirits industries?

Well, Spirited wrote an article that answers that question – and it features our very own barrel slinger, Midwest Barrel Co. Co-Owner Ben Loseke, or Barrel Ben, as we fondly call him.

From the article:

“When Ben Loseke started hawking used barrels out of his garage in Lincoln, Neb., he had no idea there was a future in the castaway oak containers except as quirky bits of decor. Just five years later, he’s shipping hundreds of barrels at a time to destinations as far away as Japan.

Loseke’s Midwest Barrel Company is one of a handful of barrel brokers. The boom in bourbon making has created a booming business in used barrels, with brewers, distillers, and even vintners searching for distinctive flavors that secondhand barrels can provide.”

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