Red Wine Barrel BBQ Smoking Wood Chunk Bucket



Because meat smoking is a lifestyle (not a hobby), we know the real enthusiasts don’t mess around. Our Chunk Buckets supply you with 20 lbs. of genuine Red Wine Barrel wood. Hand cut by a Midwest Barrel Co. team member, these smoking wood chunks will add complex flavors to all meats you smoke.

Straight out of California wine country, these barrels are the real deal. They come to us freshly emptied from all your favorite wineries. Now you can add that smooth wine flavor for a truly authentic and unique bbq experience.

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This package includes 20 lbs of smoking chunks. The chunks are shipped in a sealed 5 gallon bucket which can be resealed between smoking sessions.

How to Use

Our barrel staves are cut into small chunks (1-4” wide). Can be used in charcoal grills and electric or gas smokers.

**These do not work in pellet grills or pellet smokers***


Authentic Cabernet Wine Barrels made from American Oak Wood

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
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