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Your family name is more than just a few letters thrown together — it’s a representation of love, joy and memories made through the decades. So show off that familial pride with a custom wine or whiskey barrel engraved with the name that means so much to so many! Choose between our design options, tell us your name, and then let us do the rest for you. Your family name will live on through your descendants — but also through this personalized barrel.


How to Order

  1. Pick your barrel style! Choose from whiskey OR wine with cooperage/winery markings OR wine with no markings/stamps. 
  2. Select your design. Choose from over 100+ options created by our in-house designers. 
  3. Place your order! After we receive your order we will prepare a proof for your approval. Up to two rounds of revisions are included. Within 3-5 business days of your approval we will have your barrel on it’s way to you. 

***IMPORTANT*** Written approval is required for all full size barrels and barrel heads.

Have a rough idea for a unique design? We LOVE custom projects. Our in-house design team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Shop here for custom full size barrels.



Shipping full size barrels is no easy task. Because each of these personalized barrels are truly one-of-a-kind, we pull out all the stops when shipping it from our doorstep to yours. That means, you can expect your barrel to come via a LTL freight carrier rather than your typical parcel shipping (i.e. FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.). 

Your barrel will arrive carefully wrapped and secured on a pallet. These guys are heavy – we are talking 120+ lbs each. 

Here at Zap we pride ourselves on fast turnaround times. But here’s where it gets tricky – shipping companies don’t always work on our production timelines. At their best they rival the prime shipping we all love. Other times, shipping will take a bit longer. 

Why ship LTL? After learning the hard way. The big name delivery services we all know and love are great at being ontime, but not as great at ensuring your barrel doesn’t get jostled and damaged en route. 

Have an urgent delivery deadline? No problem. Give us a call before placing your order so we can discuss expedited delivery options. 

We promise – it’s worth the wait. 



  • Genuine Reclaimed California Wine Barrels
  • Authentic Retired Kentucky Bourbon Barrels
  • No two barrels ever the same


Originally handcrafted by a master cooper using the finest American, Hungarian or French Oak, each barrel is unique and packs plenty of character. Because barrel building is a custom process done by hand, no two barrels will ever be the same. The featured selections are not exact representations of the barrel you will receive as each denotes one-of-a-kind coloration, wood grain and engraving finish. Wine barrels WITH marks will come with a winery stamp, cooperage markings or possibly both! We try and select barrels with the flattest heads from our constantly rotating inventory. For barrels being used as a table top, the wine styles typically work best as they are generally more flat than the whiskey styles.

About Your Wine Barrel

After arriving at a California winery, the barrel is filled with multiple vintages of wine varieties (Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay) over the course of 5-10 years. Once the oak flavor is completely extracted, these retired wine barrels are purchased by our sister brand, Midwest Barrel Co. 


  • Dimensions: 26x26x37 / 28x28x35
  • Weight: 120 lbs.
  • Volume: 59/60 Gallons
  • Origin: California
  • Wood Type: American, French, Hungarian Oak
  • Age of Barrels: 10+ Years


About Your Whiskey Barrel

After arriving at a Kentucky or Tennessee distillery, the barrel is filled with a single batch of the finest whiskey or bourbon and aged on average 4-10 years. Once the aging process is complete, these whiskey barrels are dumped and then purchased by our sister brand, Midwest Barrel Co. 


  • Dimensions: 26x26x35
  • Weight: 120 lbs.
  • Volume: 53 Gallons
  • Origin: Kentucky / Tennessee 
  • Wood Type: American Oak
  • Age of Barrels: 5+ Years


Display Recommendations

These full size barrels make ideal decor indoors or out! To prevent weather aging, your barrel should be kept indoors. If displaying outdoors, we recommend a shaded area. When storing outdoors, you can expect your barrel to turn gray in color overtime. Additionally, hotter climates will accelerate drying of the wood.  

Barrel Care by Us

Because these barrels are the real deal we take great responsibility in preserving their authentic nature to our fullest ability. To prepare for engraving we clean the engravable surface and along with light sanding. After engraving we use screws to attach the steel bands to the barrel to prevent the bands from loosening over time. 

Barrel Care by You

Location. Location. Location. 

All you need to worry about is where you are going to display this beauty. 

Optional: Depending on your desired look you may wish to spray your barrel with polyurethane to give it a more glossy finish. If placing it outdoors you may wish to add a coat of tung oil once per year to brighten the wood grain. 



Here at Midwest Barrel Co. we take production and delivery seriously. Our goal is to get your personalized goods in your hands as quickly as possible. Production takes place at our headquarters facility in Lincoln, NE. Because every product is made-to-order, delivery is split into two parts: Production + Shipping.  


All items are hand produced straight out of the Heartland in Lincoln, NE. After your order is placed our design + production teams are ready to produce one-of-a-kind items you are sure to love. The process includes:

  1. Our designers personalize your proof with the information provided in the order. IMPORTANT: production cannot begin until your proof is approved. 
  2. All barrel products are made-to-order by our production team. Your wine or whiskey barrel product is hand picked and prepped to preserve the authentic story of each barrel. 
  3. Our shipping team carefully packages each item to make it to their final destination. 

Production Time: 3 – 5 business days after proof approval. Shipping deliveries vary according to location and carrier. 


Barrel Heads, Staves, Small Barrels & Ornaments

  • Method: USPS Priority Mail, UPS & FedEx
  • Delivery Time: averages 2-4 days

Full Size Barrels

  • Method: LTL Freight Carrier
  • Delivery Time: Varies by carrier & location. Averages: 3-7 days
  • Cost: $185 (bulk order discounts available)

Additional information

Weight 180 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 35 in
Full Size Barrels

Full Size Whiskey Barrel, Full Size Wine Barrel – NO Markings, Full Size Wine Barrel – WITH Markings

Family Name Collection

Behrens, Gillett, Gustin, Hillman, Hoffman, The Adkins, The Nathan Family, The Williams Family

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