Hot Sauce Bourbon Barrel Smoking Wood CHUNKS



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Get ’em while they’re hot! With only 70 bags available this release, you won’t want to wait. Our barrel wood is hand cut by a Midwest Barrel Co. team member and ready for their final destination – your BBQ. Available only in the 2lb bag chunk form, our Hot Sauce Bourbon Barrel BBQ Smoking Wood is usually suitable for most smokers or grills.

Our Barrel-Aged Hot Sauce flavored smoking wood first began as American White Oak barrels that aged the finest Kentucky Bourbon for 4+ years. Once the bourbon was emptied, the barrels were used to barrel-age a three pepper hot sauce (chipotle, arbol & cayenne)


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This package includes 2 lbs of hand-cut genuine barrel smoking chunks. The chunks are shipped in a sealed bag which should be resealed between smoking sessions. 

How to Use:

Our barrel staves are cut into small chunks (1-4” wide) to be used in charcoal grills and electric or gas smokers. Double-check the type of smoking wood your grill/smoker is compatible with. 

**These do not work in pellet grills or pellet smokers***


Authentic Bourbon Barrels made from American Oak Wood that previously held Kentucky Bourbon AND MOST RECENTLY BLiS Gourmet unique Hot Sauce

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