Complete Broken Down Red Wine Barrel


Are you wanting a full barrel worth of parts but don’t want to pay the expensive shipping for a whole barrel?  This item is for you!  We break down a complete red wine barrel and send you all the parts.  You will receive between 25 and 30 staves, 2 heads and 6 rings.

If you’ve got the skill you can even reassemble the barrel when you get it!

*This will be a decor / furniture grade barrel so is not recommended to refill.

*We cannot guarantee that barrels will have winery markings on the heads.

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Weight: 120 lbs.
Dimensions: Full size barrels are 35" tall x 26" wide in the middle
Fit: Roughly 30 staves will cover 20 sq ft - depending on how well you arrange them.
Use: Perfect for your crafting, decorative, or organizational needs!
Note: From the heart of Wine Country in California, these authentic barrels are excellent for decor or your DIY projects
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