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Engraved barrel staves are produced from genuine California Wine Barrels and Kentucky Bourbon Barrels. Originally handcrafted by a master cooper using the finest American, Hungarian or French Oak, each stave is unique and packs plenty of character. Because barrel building is a custom process done by hand, no two barrel staves will ever be the same. The featured selections are not exact representations of the stave you will receive as each denotes one-of-a-kind coloration, wood grain and engraving finish. 

To prep for engraving, both wine and whiskey staves are lightly sanded on the front side. Additionally, whiskey staves have the char removed from the backside and are poly’d to ensure residual char does not transfer to other items prior to engraving. After engraving, the barrel bands are attached (if necessary) and wine staves are finished with a light coat of polyurethane. Whiskey staves are not poly’d to preserve their rustic look.


This product is shipped via USPS, UPS or FedEx Ground. 


Local pickup is available from our Lincoln, NE warehouse.

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Short Stave

NoteIncludes a portion of a galvanized or rustic bands on each end

Get your custom design engraved on an authentic stave from either a Kentucky bourbon barrel or a California wine barrel. Our team loves unique designs and will work with you to make it look amazing!