Furniture / Decoration Grade Canadian Whisky Barrel

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Authentic and weathered, these Furniture / Decoration Grade Canadian Whisky Barrels have been retired and are now waiting to be repurposed as decor.

Please note: These barrels are available for local pickup only. 

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Furniture / Decoration Grade Canadian Whisky Barrels have lived a long and full life of aging whisky up north at a variety of prominent distilleries. Now, the used barrels are ready to be reclaimed and repurposed into home decor, furniture pieces and other DIY projects.

Each of these barrels is unique with their own character and qualities. The photos for this product are examples and not representative of the exact same barrel you will receive as our inventory rotates constantly.

Important notes: These barrels will vary in size and appearance. They are authentic and well-used, so expect residual material on the inside and some distress or imperfections on the outside, including loose bands (rings). Some barrels have head bungs, while others have belly (side) bungs.


Local pickup is available from our Lincoln, NE warehouse.

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Volume53 gallons
Age of Barrels4+ years
Wood TypeAmerican Oak
Char/Toast LevelVaries
Bung Hole LocationVaries
Weight120 lbs
Bung Hole SizeVaries
Bung RecommendationVaries