Small Barrels


  • Liter: 1-20
  • Gallon: 5 Gallon – < 53 Gallon

Oak Type:



Our liter barrels are handmade in Mexico.


These new oak barrels will impart oak flavoring to any beverage you age in them.

Our Care:

These are brand new handcrafted barrels which are inspected prior to shipping but no additional modifications are made. 

Your Care & Filling Instructions:

  1. Are the bands loose on your barrel? Don’t be alarmed if they are – simply slide them back into place and tap down tight with a hammer and a screwdriver. Your new barrel is dry and the bands may be loose before swelling with hot water.
  2. Start by rinsing your barrel three or four times to remove any loose charred wood and debris.
  3. Fill your barrel full of HOT water and insert the bung. Keep it full until any leaking ceases (most new barrels will leak a little before they are completely swelled). This may take as little as one hour or as long as a week or more (the larger the barrel the longer it can take).
  4. Remove the water and pour in your beverage of choice to begin the aging process. Continually sample over time until desired taste is acquired. Compared to large barrels volume, small barrels will age your beverage must faster as there is more surface area in the smaller barrel. 
  5. With Spigot: The bung must be removed to vent barrel before liquid will pour from the spigot.
  6. No Spigot: Our distillery grade barrels do not come with a spigot hole. If you require a spigot, simply drill a hole into one of the heads and tap in your spigot. 
  7. Important: These barrels can be reused many times as long as they are thoroughly cleaned after each use. 


For larger barrels without a stand, it is recommended to store them horizontally with the bung hole on the top.

Bung Type/Size:

  • The liter size barrels come with a wooden bung and spigot.
  • For larger barrels, please see your barrel in our shop to find the corresponding bung size.

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