Laser Engraving Art Specifications

Ebrahim Abdulsattar
Emagin Technology

Our in-house designers make sure all your laser engraving needs are met. They can provide full-service production, or simply lend a hand to help you turn your vision into reality.

If you know exactly what you want and are supplying your own design, we highly encourage you to provide black and white (RGB color mode), high resolution (300 dpi), vector file (AI, EPS, PDF) artwork. This can reduce the amount of prep work on our end and save you $$$.

Are you new to technical design lingo? No idea what the above specifications mean?

Have no fear – email us at with your image or artwork and we’ll review to see if it’s suitable for engraving.

Design savvy? Have a print-ready file to submit? Read on for our preferred guidelines:


We recommend vector file type artwork because it produces the highest quality final product. Preferred files types include: Adobe Illustrator, EPS or PDF. If you have a file type other than this, please feel free to send it to us for review.

We can create exceptions for other common file formats (like jpeg), especially if you’ve provided in a black and white version. Typically, this type of file cannot be guaranteed to be produced “as is” because the quality is always slightly reduced when using anything other than a vector file.


Please send all images in 300dpi, black and white, and converted to RGB color format. This is very important because the engraver reads in shades of black and white. For images provided in CMYK, the engraver will read white as a color and engrave in those areas. Generally, this isn’t the look people want.

Images saved for the web or pulled from a website are rarely suitable for printing and we cannot guarantee final quality.


If your document uses a specific font, you’ll need to either supply that font with your files, or convert all of the text to “outlines” (or “paths”).

Copyright & Trademark

Please be aware that most images and brand logos are copyright protected. Obtaining copyright permission for any images supplied to MWBC is the sole responsibility of the customer. At this time, MWBC is not licensed to reproduce any sport team or alcohol brand logos or trademarks. We require written consent from the image owner to reproduce images/logos/artwork protected by copyright or trademark.


If you have artwork you would like us to review or more questions, email us at:



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