Whiskey, Bourbon & Specialty Barrels


5 gallon – 59 gallon

Oak Type:

American (whiskey barrels only); Specialty use a variety of oak.


Our whiskey/bourbon barrels are domestically sourced from a mixture of small craft distilleries to major brand name Kentucky and Tennessee distilleries. The specialty barrels are brought in from desirable international locations such as Mexico, Spain, Portugal and Central America.


These barrels come “freshly-dumped” – meaning, they were filled once at the distillery and aged with whiskey (or other spirits) for 4+ years. As soon as they are emptied, they come immediately to our warehouse as “wet barrels” ready to be refilled.

Our Care:

Backed by our MWBC quality promise, liquid grade barrels are guaranteed leak-free for 30 days. All barrels are visually inspected and, if necessary, pressure checked for leaks.  If we find a leaky barrel we DO NOT fix it, as this is usually just a temporary repair. Instead, we sell these barrels as furniture/décor. This ensures only the highest quality barrels are delivered to be refilled.

Your Care:

In order to maintain the wetness and flavor, we recommend filling within one week of receiving your barrels. 

We never recommend swelling your whiskey, bourbon or specialty barrels with water (like you would with wine barrels).  If we’re doing our job correctly, these barrels will be tight and ready to fill when you receive them. These barrels are also not cleaned after they are emptied at the distillery.  The high proof spirits that were previously in the barrel prevent anything from “growing” inside.

Small Format Barrels:

As you can imagine, when small format whiskey and bourbon barrels (5 – 30 gallon) are emptied, every last drop of liquid is drained from the barrel.  It’s uncommon for these small barrels to be wet on the inside when we receive them. Rest assured though, they are still very fresh and will add plenty of flavor to your beverage.


If filling after more than one week of receiving your barrels, we recommend storing in a cool humid environment until ready. During this time, it can be helpful to stand the barrels vertically and fill the top head space (outside of the barrel) with water to keep the head and stave joint swelled.

Bung Type/Size:

#11 Solid silicon or fermentation/ventilation bung

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