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Jess shares her entrepreneurial story and business leader mindset at Capital Cigar Lounge's YPT event

Midwest Barrel Co.

Jess Loseke, co-owner of Midwest Barrel Co., speaks at Capital Cigar Lounge in Lincoln next to table with BBQ Barrel Smoking Wood bags. Jess Loseke speaking at the Young Professional Tuesday event at Capital Cigar Lounge

Midwest Barrel Co. had a killer year in 2020, as in our best year ever. A lot of that is thanks to the leadership of our company’s co-owner, Jess Loseke.

Jess dove into the year that was 2020 and many other topics during her talk at Capital Cigar Lounge’s YPT event on March 23.

YPT, short for Young Professional Tuesdays, is an event where UNL students and YPs can connect with successful entrepreneurs.

Jess covered a lot of ground in her talk, including growing a business during the COVID pandemic, adopting an abundance mindset, building a brand and much more.

The video is a must-watch if you want a behind-the-scenes look at barrel wrangling, the craft beer and spirits industry and her own entrepreneurial journey as a woman and business owner.

Watch the video of Jess speaking at YPT.


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