Barrel Aging 101:
Homebrewer's Guide To Barrel Aging
You didn’t start homebrewing because it was a boring hobby. You chose it because you want to create amazing beers with unique and complex profiles – perfected by you and enjoyed by everyone you share it with. Barrel-aging is an unparalleled method for infusing depth and character into a multitude of beer types, and so even at home, adding this step is always worth the wait!
But, a lot of homebrewers have never tried barrel-aging because it’s perceived as risky. While in all reality, when you have the right information, it’s a reliable way to open up a new horizon of homebrewing possibilities.

how do I start barrel-aging when I’ve never done it before?

We’re glad you asked! Our team’s long-time brewers, Nick and Jonathan, break down their best tips and tricks to successfully barrel-age at home in this easy-to-read guide.
This guide will walk you through:
  • All the tools you need to get started.
  • Best tips & tricks for barrel-aging.
  • How to care for your small format barrel.
  • BONUS: Receive 2 original barrel-aging recipes!

download your free copy of our guide here

And get ready to create your next favorite brew!

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